Cyber Literature invites original, unpublished scholarly research papers, travelogues, short stories, poems (not exceeding 30 lines), book reviews and interviews. Send your contribution the editor in MS Word File. It is open to all areas of literature. However, when a special issue is planned, it is notified in advance.

Submissions are accepted round the year and acknowledged immediately. But the process of screening takes about a month and the decision is conveyed to the contributors. Submissions are not returned unless they are paid for.

The editor retains the copyright for republication and is obliged to send the contributor a copy of the book/ journal in which it is used by the editor. However, the copyright of that intellectual property lies with the concerned writers who are free to republish them once they are published in Cyber Literature.

Authors are requested to strictly adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Compliance to MLA Style Sheet latest edition.
  2. Paper Size: A4 (margin 1 inch on all four sides).
  3. Full Title of the paper: Times New Roman, 14, Bold.
  4. Main body of the paper: Times New Roman, 12, Justified, 1.5 line space.
  5. Length of the paper: About 3000 words including Works Cited.

The paper should be accompanied with:

  1. An abstractin about 100-150 words along with 4 to 6
  2. A declarationthat “It is an original research work and has not been published anywhere else or has not been sent for publication anywhere.”
  3. A short bio-noteof the contributor(s) indicating name, designation, institutional affiliation and brief career history.
  4. The contact details of the contributor(s) – postal address along with Pin code, mobile number and email address.

Book Review: Send a copy of a book to any of the official reviewers and a copy to the Editor. Book review can also be emailed to the editor for publication along with a copy of the book.

How to Submit

 You can submit your contribution in hard copy by registered post or send your contribution in attachment through email to the Chief Editor:


Cyber Literature is a peer reviewed journal which follows a double blind peer review process minutely and honestly. After duly checking with duplication-checking software, the editor sends the manuscript to the reviewers who are not known to the author. Name of the author and other details which can reveal the author’s identity are deleted from the manuscript so that the reviewer may give his / her objective and impartial view. Hence, both the review and the author remain unknown to each other. The submission of the manuscript is not a guarantee for the publication. The manuscript is duly reviewed by the two reviewers and if it is found correct or publishable, the message is conveyed to the author. If it needs correction or modification, the same is conveyed. In case there is any difference of opinion in views of the two reviewers, the manuscript is also sent to the third reviewer for his / her opinion. To maintain the quality of the contents, no hurriedness or no hastiness is followed.

As a part of its policy for providing knowledge free of cost, it requires “NO FEE” either in the name of processing charge or publishing fee.

The Journal is uploaded on the official website in pdf  and is free for all to read and even download.

Publication Ethics

Cyber Literature is committed to upholding the publication ethics as per the guidelines of COPE Committee on Publication Ethics. Authors are advised to browse the above link.

Authors are advised not to infringe the copy rights of other authors, make due acknowledgement and ensure that their papers are free from plagiarism. They are asked to submit an undertaking for the originality of the paper. Their papers are also subjected to duplication-checking software. If a formal complaint is lodged, it will be investigated and the author will be denied publication in the journal. His institution may also be reported of the matter.